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9 Types of Homes That 123 Closed Buys - 123 Closed House

9 Types of Homes That 123 Closed Buys

By July 22, 2018Uncategorized

Do you own a home in the Phoenix metro area that you need to sell quickly? Are you worried that your Phoenix property, which you would like to turn into cash, is not in a condition to sell? If any of this applies to your situation, 123 Closed is the solution to your problem! We here at 123 Closed are a local Phoenix property buyer that pays top dollar for your home, whatever condition it may be in. Our founders started the company to help solve a problem that, as real estate experts, they saw over and over again–distressed property owners, in the face of personal or financial difficulties, needing to sell their homes that would require extensive remodeling or cleanup before being ready for the market. They saw an opportunity to make a positive impact on the Phoenix community by offering property owners a fair offer for their home and freeing them from the expensive and time-consuming process of preparing the property to sell. As a result 123 Closed, the premier Phoenix cash house buyer, was born. To schedule an appointment and get a cash offer on your home, visit. To learn more about the nine types of homes that 123 Closed commonly purchases, keep reading!

  • Abandoned or Derelict Houses: We at 123 Closed understand that there are many reasons why a property owner may own an abandoned home, from not being able to sell the property during the economic downturn to not being able to afford upkeep on a home you had once hoped to flip. However, abandoned houses can also be a safety risk for the community they are in, often becoming hotbeds of criminal activity (for which you do not want to be liable). Additionally, abandoned or derelict homes can damage the value of surrounding homes in the neighborhood. Let us help by taking the abandoned property off of your hands!
  • Houses with Fire or Water Damage: Homes that have fire or water damage can be some of the most difficult to repair and restore. Renovations often take years to complete and are typically extremely costly, burning a hole in your wallet until the home is finally ready to be put on the market. Our real estate experts at 123 Closed are well acquainted with the ins and outs of restoring a home with fire or water damage. They are ready to offer you a fair price for your property so that you can move on with your life and be rid of the hassle of restoring the damaged home!
  • Hoarder Houses: Our experts at 123 Closed understand that many different life circumstances can lead to owning a hoarder house, including an inheritance from a relative. They also know that cleaning out and preparing a hoarder house for market can be emotionally and financially draining, not to mention pose serious, unanticipated health hazards. Our real estate experts at 123 Closed are ready to help with your hoarder property. After purchasing the property, we will take care of all necessary cleanup, junk removal, sorting, salvaging, selling, auctioning, and consignment, leaving you free to enjoy freedom from the clutter!
  • Homes in Disrepair: If you own a home that is in disrepair, the amount of renovation and remodeling necessary to make the home sellable in the traditional real estate market can be overwhelming, financially and emotionally! Our real estate experts are ready to take care of this headache for you and offer you a fair price for your home.
  • Inherited Estates in Poor Condition: Inheriting an estate can sometimes be a nightmare in disguise! Often, you have no idea of or control over what you are now responsible for. If your newly acquired property will be emotionally or financially exhausting to prepare for the market, let us at 123 Closed take it off your hands and provide you with cash for the estate.
  • Ugly Houses: Let’s face it, some houses are just ugly! Whether they are simply dated or were designed with an odd or unconventional floor plan, such houses can be difficult to sell in today’s real estate market. Luckily, we don’t shy away from the ugly and can offer you a top dollar offer for your less than gorgeous property!
  • Fixer-Uppers: Whether your home needs a lot of work or you bit off more than you can chew when deciding to flip a property, sometimes the best option is to sell rather than spend your own resources to make a property sellable. We at 123 Closed have lots of experience buying such properties and can offer you a fair price for your fixer-upper.
  • Homes in Foreclosure: Our real estate experts at 123 Closed understand that many different life circumstances, including job loss, divorce, death, or bankruptcy can lead to foreclosing on a home. If such situations necessitate quick cash or there is simply not enough money to prepare the home to be sold, 123 Closed is here to help, no matter what kind of condition the property may be in.
  • Other Life Circumstances: Life happens, and sometimes you need to sell your property quickly and for top dollar. When this happens, we at 123 Closed are ready to take your home off of your hands. Here are some of the common difficult life situations that satisfied clients have found themselves in before turning to us for help:


  • Downsizing
  • Liens
  • Code Violations
  • Condemned Property
  • Environmental Issues
  • Title Issues
  • Bad Mortgage
  • Medical Bills
  • Retiring
  • Structural Issues
  • Relocation
  • Liquidation of Assets
  • Trouble Selling
  • Owe Taxes
  • No Equity
  • Disability
  • Bad Tenants
  • Expired Listing
  • Death of a Loved One
  • And More!

As the Phoenix metro area’s top company offering cash for homes, our real estate experts at 123 Closed are ready to help you today! Fill out this form or call their number at (602) 833-7035 to get started on your home’s cash offer. Also, be sure to check out testimonials from our past clients for reassurance that your experience with 123 Closed will be nothing but exceptional!