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Chandler Home BuyersThere are a myriad of reasons your home in Chandler, Arizona needs to be sold, and needs to be sold now! 123 Closed is the real estate company in Chandler that will make this happen for you now. We are in business of buying homes for cash, right now, and our experienced professionals are here to buy your home and help you through the 123 Process with speed and ease. If you have a home in Chandler and are finding yourself needing the cash from your home now, we are the people that can help you. If you are finding it hard to sell your Chandler home for any of the following reasons, 123 Closed will help you with a fair market price for your home
and will pay you the cash you deserve:

  • Your home is in need of some work. Whether this is minor fix-up, or major repair, we have the cash to pay you for the property and you leave all the work of renovating to us. Our experts work with the problems, you walk away with the money.
  • There is a problem with the title to your home. We have the resources to figure out just what those problems are and resolve them. Sometimes there is conveyance without a recorded deed; you may have a paid-off mortgage that is still showing up as a valid lien against the home; or, there may be a mechanic’s lien for work done by a subcontractor. The reasons for a title problem are varied, but we are the company that will get them resolved and get you your cash.
  • Odors in a home will cause it not to sell. Odors from years of cigarette smoke, from mold and mildew, or from pets that have had “accidents” in the house make it difficult to sell. 123 Closed has the professionals to deal with these problems. You leave all the strange smells to us and you have your cash without the worry and stress of dealing with the odors.
  • If you are experiencing financial difficulty, 123 Closed can help you navigate these unsettling financial times. If you owe a mortgage company or bank money and are unable to pay your house payment (or pay the lump sum they are requesting),you may need to sell your home quickly. If you have an emotional attachment to your home, or have spent many years living there with your family, However, we can help to sell your home, providing you with the money you need. You may have lost your job and have found that you are unable to pay your mortgage, or want to sell the home to free up some cash. Our friendly team of staff will be able to assist you during every step of the moving process, providing you with excellent customer service and the support you need.
  • Divorce is a reason you may have to sell your home quickly. Divorce is usually very financially disrupting and assets need to be turned into cash quickly so both parties can go on with their lives with the least amount of financial pain. The value of the home is usually split in half between the couple, but very often, either party does not have the cash to buy to other out, so the home must be sold. We deal with these type of cases everyday and we have the experience to help you with your individual requirements. We pay you the cash up front so you can divide it and get on with your lives. We know that more than 50 per cent of the marriages in the United States end in divorce; several of us have gone through the pain of divorce. There is no judgement here, we just want to help you find the solution you are looking for. You will be able to sell your home fast, to us, and we will provide you with the money you need.

Chandler Home BuyersOur process is simple and we can help you with all your questions and concerns very quickly. The steps are simple:

  1. If you live in Chandler, Arizona or if the property you need to sell is in Chandler, just pick up the phone and call 123 Closed. We will promptly schedule an on-site visit. We always come to you and never give “ballpark” figures. You will know, face-to-face, what your property is worth and exactly how we can help you.
  2. On our first meeting and evaluation of your home, we will give you our cash offer. It will be an honest and fair offer and the visit, the property evaluation and the contract with the cash offer is completely free; no cost for you. Our contract has no “fine print” and if you need a couple of days to decide, that is fine with us. We will pay you exactly what we offered in cash.
  3. 123 Closed will be ready to close when you are. If you need the cash now, we are ready now. If you need a little time to settle things, we will be ready then. We can close on the date you select.

In Chandler, it really is just that easy to get the cash from a home or property you need to sell. It can happen in one day, one week, or one month from now, just make the call. 123 Closed is the only company you need to make it happen.