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Goodyear Home BuyersGoodyear, Arizona is one of the fastest growing suburbs of the greater metro Phoenix, Arizona area. In just the past year, Goodyear home and property values have grown nearly seven per cent and is expected to grow at least four per cent in the coming year. If you have a home or property in Goodyear that you need to sell quickly, for any reason, 123 Closed is the company you need to contact. As real estate is at a premium in Goodyear right now, 123 Closed is ready to offer you a fair and honest cash settlement for your property with no realtor fees, closing costs, evaluation costs or any other costs at all. We do all the work, give you the cash value of your home or property, you walk away with your cash and a smile and we do all the rest. No listings, no fix-ups, no waiting and no hassle.

There are many and varied reasons why a home or property needs to be sold immediately with the least amount of difficulty, time or dispute. In Goodyear, 123 Closed can make this happen and make it happen now.

Some of the reasons that a property in Goodyear may need to be sold fast for a cash payout may include the following:

  • Your home is in need of major repairs and renovation. Your home that needs to be sold may be vacant and has set empty for some time. An empty home can be a magnet for vandals, homeless squatters, animals (both domestic and wild), and weather or insect damage. The time, money, effort and energy required for getting homes or properties in a condition to sell may be more than a lot of people want to deal with. This is where 123 Closed steps in to make all the difference. We give you a free evaluation, we make you an honest offer, and you walk away with your cash. We do everything else. If you live miles, cities, or even states away from the property, you do not even have to be on-site in Goodyear for this to happen. Call 123 Closed and your worries are over.
  • Divorce. The pain and confusion that divorce causes spills over into the real estate you and your spouse own. Usually, divorce decisions are fairly out-of-the blue, surprising (at least for one of the spouses), and costly legal affairs. Assets need to be sold and divided quickly so each party can get on with their lives. If there is property involved, the delays that can be caused by waiting for real estate to sell, getting it ready to sell, one or the other living in the home that must be sold and payments that must be maintained while trying to sell are all considerations that must be taken into account. All while trying to dissolve the connection between the two parties involved. 123 Closed will buy your home now, pay you the cash you need, now, so that the divorce can quickly resolve itself and you can get on with your life free and clear of ties to your ex-spouse.
  • Homes in foreclosure. If you have lost your job or income and have had a difficult time keeping payment current on your home, you may be so far behind with payments that the bank or mortgage company has notified you that foreclosure proceedings will begin. Foreclosure is the action of legal steps that the title holder of the home, usually a bank, mortgage company or individual person (or, in the case of tax foreclosure, the state or federal government) makes to recover the balance of a loan from a borrower (you) who has stopped making payments. It is the legal way of forcing the sale of the home that is used as the collateral (insurance) for the loan. 123 Closed is here to pay you the fair and honest cash that your home is worth so your legal troubles can be a thing of your past.

Goodyear Home Buyers123 Closed makes getting the money you need, in cash, for your home or property easily and quickly in Goodyear. In just three simple steps and just one day, you will have our fair offer in your hand at absolutely no cost and no obligation to you. To find out just how fast and just how much money we will pay you for your home or property, give us a call. Here is how we help you:

  1. In Goodyear, call 123 Closed. We will visit with you, on-site, and complete a full evaluation of your property. Our analysis will be ready that same day with a contract stating the full cash offer with no strings attached and no fine print. We will discuss with you the details of your situation and point out the best options for you in your unique situation.
  2. We take all the information you provide, your asking price, the fair market value of your home. Our specialists will walk you through all aspects of our offer and you can take the offer immediately or “sleep on it” for a few days. You decide if and when you want to close with us and there is no obligation to you, ever. We will promptly answer any questions or concerns you have, and our offer will remain constant. You don’t have to worry about the price changing.
  3. Once you agree, you choose a closing date. You have the contract in hand and know exactly the amount of cash to be paid to you. You walk away into your future and leave everything else to us.