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The 123 Process – How Our Scottsdale Home Buyers Help You Sell Your Home

Scottsdale Home BuyersIf you are in the market of selling your home in the Scottsdale Arizona area and don’t have the time to fix it up, or it’s in an undesirable location, look no further than 123 Closed to help. We can help in any situation to sell your home. Whether you are going through a divorce and need to sell your home rather quick, or you have fire damage to your home and don’t know where to start on the repair, we can help you out. Our Scottsdale home buyers want to help you with whatever situation that you are in.

We have a tried and true process that works. We’ve used it time and time again and it helps you get what you want. Here is how the process works:

  • Schedule In-home Visit: Other companies that try to low ball you based on the information you give them and maybe some pictures, and then they come see your home and give you a lower offer than what they initially offered. Our Scottsdale home buyers want to give you an accurate offer the first time.
  • Cash Offer: We give you the offer that we won’t backtrack on and give you the time you need to weigh your options.
  • Closing Time: Because we buy with cash we can close whenever you want. If you want to have a longer closing period, or close within a few days, we can accommodate your situation.
  • Peace of Mind & A Fresh Start: Leave the hard stuff to us. Gather your things and we will take care of the rest.

Circumstances 123 Closed Can Help With

Scottsdale Home BuyersThere are many circumstances that you can find yourself in with your home that could make it very hard to sell. Our Scottsdale home buyers help people out in whatever situation you find yourself in. Whether it be structural issues, downsizing, title issues, fire damage, or even if you are a hoarder, 123 Closed will help you in any situation that you find yourself in.

Fire Damaged Homes

Fired damaged homes are very difficult for the homeowner. 123 Closed knows all the frustrations that you are going to go through trying to fix up and sell your home that has fire damage. If you own your home, don’t owe anything on the mortgage, and don’t have insurance on the home, it could be very costly to renovate and sell. If you don’t have insurance, it is hard to get a loan to do the necessary upgrades when you don’t have the insurance to cover the costs. We have the money, and expertise in knowing what we need to do, to get your home in a condition to sell again. Let our Scottsdale home buyers help you with your home by taking it off your hands for cash whenever you want to sell it.

Hoarders & Pets

Hoarders homes are not hard to come by in this day and age. Most realtors will avoid listing hoarders homes because there is little certainty that the house will be ready for them to show to potential buyers. With boxes upon boxes in the home, it is difficult to see the toll it has taken on the home. Are there cockroaches in the home? What about other bugs that come from not having pest control done in the home? 123 Closed will buy your home as is. We will do a home assessment, see what needs to be done to get the home in sellable condition, make you and offer, and close when you want.

Homes that have had pets in them are also hard to sell. Whether you have dozens of cats that you have had in your home, or one giant dog that loves to chew everything, we have got you covered. 123 Closed has seen homes with varying degrees of damage from pets and will offer you the best price for your home.


Scottsdale Home BuyersIf you are foreclosing on your home, and want to get something for it, our Scottsdale home buyers have dealt with many foreclosures before. We know the ins and outs of what it takes to get a foreclosed home ready to sell in the market today. When people know that the home has been foreclosed or is going into foreclosure, they usually turn and run. We thrive on these situations because we deal with them so often. We give you cash for your home and can close within a few days if necessary to get you out of your home.

What Other Situations Do We Deal With?

123 Closed deals with all sorts of situations. We buy homes that have title issues, code violations, structural issues, owe taxes, bankruptcy, and even if your house is ugly or in a bad neighborhood. Some of these situations are out of your control. Don’t let that hinder you from getting a quote from us. 123 Closed has been through these situations and many more. We can handle anything that comes our way and help you get the best deal for your house.

In Conclusion

123 Closed has been around for a long time and dealt with lots of situations. Thank you for choosing 123 Closed and the tried and trusted process that gets your home sold no matter what condition it is in.