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Surprise Home BuyersSurprise is a city in Maricopa County in Arizona. It is a suburb of Phoenix, and is the second fastest growing suburb of Phoenix. Remarkably, Surprise was only a small town of 30,000 in 2000; in just 10 years, the city became a metropolis of 117,517 people. This is growth rate in those 10 years of 281%. Now, in 2018, the population is estimated at nearly 140,000. Because of this very rapid growth and expansion, real estate value and prices are at an all time high. If you have a home or property in Surprise, Arizona, and you need the cash from it right now, 123 Closed is the only company name you need to know. We are staffed by skilled, experienced individuals and we pride ourselves on being the company that can help you with a home or property that has to be sold immediately. We buy your home from you, pay you the cash you need based on a fair and honest evaluation of your property, and you can walk away as we take care of everything else. 123 Closed has been in business in Arizona, helping people in situations just like yours for over ten years, and now we are in Surprise.

Life is often a journey with lots of unexpected twists and turns. There are many reasons you may find yourself in a situation, through no fault of your own, that requires an immediate sale of a home or property. You need the cash right now. In Surprise, 123 Closed will make you a fair and honest offer for your home, pay you the cash you deserve and we take over what was your problem. You don’t have to worry about anything anymore.

This is the simplicity of 123 Closed:

  1. Call us to schedule a free, no obligation on-site visit. We meet you in person and never give quotes or offers over the phone. We also never give information to you based only on a phone call or word-of-mouth description. We actually evaluate the property with you in person and that same day, we present you with a fair contract with no fine print that states exactly the cash you will receive if you decide to take our offer.
  2. You decide to accept our offer or you can decline. Either way, there is no cost to you for our services and you are under no obligation to us even if you decline the offer in the contract. We can close as soon as you are ready, right now, within days, or in a couple of weeks. You decide when to close and when you get the cash. Again, you owe us nothing.
  3. You do not need the work, expense, hassle, closing costs, realtors fees, and time involved to sell your home or property. 123 Closed buys your home from you, in cash, and then you go on with your life and we do all the dirty work.

Surprise Home BuyersIn Surprise, Arizona, our caring and non-judgmental staff has seen just about every reason people need to sell their home or property fast. We have the team and resources to help you now. Some of the situations that require immediacy are:

  • Your employer transferred to another city or state. You have to be at the new jobsite within days and you do not have the money to make up-grades and repairs or the time to hire a Real Estate agency to show your home. You do not have the time to wait for loan approvals from prospective buyers or the money to pay realtor fees and closing costs. In Surprise, 123 Closed buys your home from you and we do all the work. You get your cash now and are on your way.
  • You are experiencing a sudden and disruptive event in your life such as a death or divorce. In these instances, emotions are running high and many other things need to be attended to other than worrying about selling properties. These are the life events that require liquidation of assets so each party can take what is theirs and move on with life. We at 123 Closed are here for you in these troubling circumstances. We will outright buy your home or property, give you the cash value of it right now, Dispersions can be made quickly and everyone can get on with putting their lives back together again without delay.
  • You are a landlord that must evict tenants. Most landlords, if they have been in the rental business long at all, have some horror stories about the way their property has been treated by tenants. We like to think that all renters will treat their rental as their own and care for it, yet we all know that is not always the case. Eventually, it just becomes too much and there’s the trouble and agony of forcing people out, trying to collect back rent (sometimes months worth), and many times there is vandalism and extreme damage to the property. In Surprise, if you are that landlord and have just had enough, call 123 Closed. We will thoroughly evaluate your rental properties, pay you out-right the fair cash price you want and deserve, and your landlord problems are over. We will evict, clean, repair, renovate and clean up the mess. You walk away happy with your problems with renters behind you.

No matter what you owe or what condition your home or property is in, 123 Closed in Surprise, you can sell your property to us and we give you the cash. We have a proven track record of working with home and property owners that results in cash for homes and cash for properties.