Salt Lake City Home Buyers – 123 Closed


123 Closed in Salt Lake City, Utah, has a simple objective: we want to offer a fair and honest cash price for your home and we want to make the process beneficial to you. Salt Lake City is the city at the core of the greater Salt Lake metropolitan area. The metro area has nearly 1,500,000 residents while the city center, Salt Lake City, has nearly 200,000. There are many diverse neighborhoods that make up Salt Lake City, and there are many reasons why residents of these neighborhoods may find they need to sell their home or property fast, with the least amount of hassle. If that is a position you are in, and you live in Salt Lake City or own property here, 123 Closed is the only company you will need to help you with this endeavor. We come to the property in person, we give you a cash offer with a time frame that works for you to make a decision, and we negotiate a closing date that works best for you. We conduct our Salt Lake City home buyers business with all of our clients face-to-face, as we believe honesty and transparency are key to our success and key to your satisfaction with the sale of your home or property.

123 Closed typically buys homes that are in less than desirable condition, homes that are not able to be sold on a traditional market due to their state of disrepair. People who own these homes may not want to spend extra funds to rehabilitate these homes:

  • Abandoned homes
  • Fixer-uppers
  • Hoarder homes
  • Fire and water damaged homes
  • Inherited homes in bad condition
  • Ugly homes
  • Derelict properties
  • Damaged Commercial buildings or property
  • Graffiti covered and/or vandalized properties

123 Closed in Salt Lake City, Utah will buy these types of properties so our clients can walk away from the stress and hassle of ownership of these types of homes and properties with cash. If you have a home like any of these mentioned, call us to schedule a visit at the home or property. We will come to you and assess the home on the spot, then give you an in person offer for the home. We strive to offer the highest and fairest offer possible. If you need time to consider the offer, we are happy to oblige you! No need to make a hasty decision. If you decide to take the 123 Closed offer, then a closing date is chosen. The closing date can be scheduled as soon as possible, or a specific date can be arranged, there is no pressure on you. Lastly, you collect your money from us and leave all of the rest to us. Our team of home buyers in Salt Lake City are interested in making you an offer on your home, no matter the condition.


You may be thinking to yourself, “Who would actually buy a home in this bad of shape?” or “Why would anyone pay money for a property that looks like this disaster?” Well, the answer to those questions is easy: 123 Closed wants to and we do! We buy all kinds of homes and properties in all stages of disrepair. We even buy homes, property, and commercial buildings damaged by fire and water.

  • Fire Damaged Homes: Homes with fire damage are very often ridiculously difficult and expensive to repair and restore. Also, after the repairs and all the restoration has been completed, the home or property is often difficult to sell just because it has been fire damaged in its past. It is much more than just a matter of replacing the actual burned materials, there is also the smoke damage to contend with and if the fire department helped put the fire out, there is often a lot of water damage on top of the fires’ devastation. If your home or property was not adequately insured (or not insured at all) for fire and water damage, it may not be worth your time and energy (and expense) to rebuild or restore. 123 Closed can help you recover some of the loss. Our home buyers in Salt Lake City can pay you a fair price so that you can get out from under the pressure of having a damaged piece of property and move on with your life. You leave the fire and water damage repairs and restoration to us.
  • Foreclosures and Other Situations: There are many situations that arise in life that you cannot control or be prepared for. Our professional staff at 123 Closed are understanding of these difficult times that come from unforeseen factors such as:
    • Job loss
    • Divorce
    • Death
    • Bankruptcy
    • Catastrophic Illness

These very serious life burdens, along with many others can contribute to a home being a hardship instead of a blessing. There may not be enough money to fix needed repairs or to get the home ready to be sold on the real estate market. In Salt Lake City, we at 123 Closed can buy homes that need to be liquidated for any and all of these reasons. No matter what shape your home is in, we can buy it. A brand new start may by just what you need in your life, and getting the cash you need from 123 Closed can by the extra push you need to get you going. We can offer you fast cash for your home in Salt Lake City that you cannot sell as is in a traditional market. Thank you for visiting our website and thank you for choosing 123 Closed.