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Sometimes houses just don’t sell. This can come from a variety of issues including prolonged vacancy, abandonment, foreclosure or title problems, fire or vandalism damage and many other reasons. Trying to get out from underneath a home with problems can be an uphill battle, and that is where 123 Closed comes to the rescue! We understand that unfortunate circumstances happen, whether they be financial, personal, or situational. Let us help you fight that battle, and be your positive solution to your real estate problems. We have been in the business of buying real estate properties for more than 10 years, and have come up with a simple step process to make it easy for you to get fast cash for your home in St. George, Utah.


1-2-3, it is just as simple as that! Our 123 Closed process has been created from time and experience as St. George home buyers. Selling a home, especially under difficult circumstances, can be a very stressful time for anyone. You may not have the time or money that it takes to get your house sold. Finding the right solution can be very tricky, and we are here to help you get fast cash for your Tempe home. At 123 Closed, we have your best interest in mind.

  • Step 1 – We will come to you! With an in-home visit, we will evaluate your property and find a fair appraisal for your home. We never give assessments over the phone and never talk in “ball-park” figures.
  • Step 2 – Fast cash for your St. George home. We will give you a no obligation cash offer, and hopefully will alleviate some of your stress. Our assessment will be done on our first meeting and we will have a contract to you with our cash offer that same day. There is no fine print on our contract. It states exactly what we offer and there will be no changes.
  • Step 3 – Time to close on your home! Whether you need a little bit of time, or would like to close as soon as possible, we are willing to work with your needs.

A Fresh Start and Peace of Mind – It is really that easy! You have found your St. George home buyers with 123 Closed, removed some pressure off of your shoulders, and are able to make a fresh start.


We buy homes that you may think are in too rough a shape to sell. We buy vacant lots, commercial buildings, and abandoned properties. We buy homes and properties of all kinds needing to be sold for all reasons. A few of your reasons for needing a quick sale in St. George may include:

  • Fire Damaged Homes– Fire is one of the most destructive elements in nature, and is no different when it comes to your home. House fires come with an entirely distinct set of problems, many of which scare off potential Tempe home buyers. Structural damages, cosmetic repairs, and cleaning the fire smell out of your home can cost you of your time, money, and energy. At 123 Closed, we know that not everyone has the resources to tackle the devastation that comes with a house fire.
  • Hoarders- Whether it be a family member, a renter, or your own personal struggle with hoarding, we are here to help. Many times inherited properties or the death of a family member brings the nuisance of a hoarder’s home. The piled up trash and belongings can mask damages, create unpleasant smells, and hide problems like mold and animal droppings. 123 Closed has a lot of experience with hoarding homes, and will tackle the burden of junk removal and repairs so you don’t have to.
  • Foreclosure- There are many things that can bring your home close to foreclosure. We are not here to judge, we are only here to help. There are several personal scenarios that can lead to foreclosure. Five of the most common are referred to as “the five D’s.” Death, especially if it happens to be the primary wage earner that has died; divorce; drugs, as addiction can and does lead to loss of jobs and failure to pay the bills; disease, catastrophic illness makes life all around difficult; and, denial, like not understanding that you may be living beyond your means. 123 Closed in St. George has worked extensively with clients that have had these difficulties and we have had success in helping them.
  • Other Reasons and Conditions- 123 Closed has purchased houses in bad neighborhoods, title issues, condemned properties, bad tenants, or that were just plain ugly. We have also helped those who are just looking to sell, and sell fast. Maybe you are trying to downsize, relocate, or just looking for something new. Whatever the reason may be, we are your St. George home buyers.

Everything should be as easy as 1-2-3, and with 123 Closed, getting fast cash for your St. George home can be easy. We are dedicated to making your selling experience as easy and pain-free as possible. Call today for your free assessment, your contract stating the exact cash payment you can expect and a quick and easy closing. And remember, when you call us, there is never any cost to us and no obligation from you. We are ready to help you sell your St. George house to us at 123 Closed.